Guide to Bermuda Grass

All types of grasses benefit from high quality soil. Use an organic lawn fertilizer to improve the quality of your soil long term.

Bermuda grass is a creeping turfgrass with deep roots, and is a very popular warm season grass found all over the southern part of the United States. It is a medium to fine textured turf that spreads by surface and by underground runners. It does best cut short. Bermuda tolerates heat and drought very well. However, if it gets too dry, it will typically turn brown or yellow and go dormant. It also tends to go dormant if the temperatures stay below 50 degrees, and also goes dormant if there is too much shade.

Mow Bermuda grass between 1/2 to 1 inch.

Texas A&M offers this excellent page about Bermudagrass.

See our page of cutting heights for different varieties of grasses.

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