Guide to Centipede Grass

Centipedegrass is a warm season grass that is common in the Southeast and Gulf Coast states. It spreads by stolons. It has shallow roots, which make it fairly intolerant of drought, but is otherwise a very low maintenance variety of grass. It goes dormant and turns brown in cold temperatures, and can be killed at temperatures under 5 degrees F. Centipede grass is somewhat shade tolerant, but does best in full sun. It doesn’t do well in beach areas because it doesn’t tolerate salt. It also doesn’t tolerate heavy traffic and recovers very slowly.

Mow Centipede grass at 1 to 2 inches.

Texas A&M offers this excellent page about Centipedegrass.

See our page of cutting heights for different varieties of grasses.

All types of grasses benefit from high quality soil. Use an organic lawn fertilizer to improve the quality of your soil long term.

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